Tweens and Teens Art Journaling Workshop

Tweens and Teens Art Journaling Workshop

March 26, 2019 Uncategorized 0

In this fun and interactive workshop, I show kids how to create an art journal and various art media ideas on how to fill the journal. Also included is practical life skills which we discuss and express through art.

Kids don’t always know how to express themselves verbally as they can get overwhelmed by their feelings and it is hard for them to identify what they are feeling. Art journaling helps them to process what they are feeling and express this externally so that these feelings are not bottled up inside.

Through these expressions, Kids start to feel better about themselves and their environment and they find the right words to use for explaining how they feel.

My workshops are designed to teach coping life skills in a fun and interactive way which can be intergrated into their everyday lives. These coping life skills are positive mindsets and reframing techniques that they will use for their rest of their lives to enrich their lives.

By being creative while learning these tools, Kids get a chance to unwind and to just be, which is a MUST in the busy lives of today.

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