Coelho Life Coaching – I am a NLP Practitioner and a Life Coach

Coelho Life Coaching – I am a NLP Practitioner and a Life Coach

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My goal and the reason why Coelho Life Coaching exists is to help every person be the better part of themselves. My purpose in life is to encourage others. To encourage everyone to believe in themselves and in their abilities. To make each and every person who crosses my path find their authentic self and fall in love with themselves again.

I have been part of the Corporate World for over 20 years, the experience and knowledge I gained in my management positions, would make me a perfect Career Coach for those who are stuck in a rut in their careers and have no idea where they are going and what they want to do.
With society expecting so much from us, burnout has become so real, not only for those in the corporate world, but for everyone out there, having first-hand experience with this I can definitely empathize with you and relate to you and would be the ideal coach for you.

am a strong advocate for all women to realize their inner strength and abilities. For woman who feel lost and feel they have no purpose to find themselves. The upliftment of woman is extremely important to me.

Self-love do those words resonate with you? Do you love yourself,  or are in in-love with yourself? I can take you on a journey to either find your self-love again or discover it for the first time.

Have you experienced trauma and have just not been able to move on from it? Let’s help you find your way again, so that you can live a meaningful life.

Are you just lost and just don’t know how to function in society, you don’t feel like doing anything, being around people and all you want is to be by yourself. Let’s take this journey together so you can find yourself again.

I have also trained as a Life Line Telephone Counsellor and volunteered as a telephone counsellor.
Some of my other key focus areas are Grief Coaching, Divorce Coaching, Personal Coaching, Trauma Coaching, Relationship Coaching and Life Skills Coaching.

draw my strength and inspiration from God, my son (I am a single mother) and my parents who taught me to never stop believing in myself and to always follow my dreams.

Together let’s take a journey, a journey to find YOU again.

As the slogan says – “become the best you, you can be”


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