Colour your next birthday party, event or fundraiser

Colour your next birthday party, event or fundraiser

June 26, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Colour runs have gained in popularity in recent months, not only due to their religious backgrounds, but because they are easy to organise, low cost and great fun for young and old alike. Very few events exist where the participants willingly get dirty and smile broadly afterwards.

Chaos Colours was found in early 2019 in order to cater for the local demand and also to create something new and exciting. We utilise the latest pigment technology from Europe, ranging from metallic effect, to glow in the dark to our ever popular U.V. reactive products. Our latest addition is a strawberry scented product. Gone are they days where colour runs used a standard range of colours.

Our products are also easier to clean up and are less likely to stain your clothes and skin.

No special disposal method is required, as our products do not contain heavy metals like some of the cheaper imported products.

All our products are manufactured locally and are packaged according to your specifications, be it 450gr PET jars or even 20kg boxes for those big events. And of course we are able to courier your orders per your request.

So when next you are stuck with the question on what to do for your children’s party or fundraiser, try adding a bit of our colours to your event.



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