Welcome to August and a whole lot of changes – we are now on Level 2, we are also sort of becoming used to the new normal, finding new ways to work and it is almost the end of Winter  hooray😁✨

In this month’s issue we have more online tutoring and extra mural services, our general services and a family love language workshop as well as our usual recipe and activity.

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 Celebrate in Colour with Chaos Colour

Colour runs have gained in popularity in recent months, not only due to their religious backgrounds, but because they are easy to organise, low cost and great fun for young and old alike. Very few events exist where the participants willingly get dirty and smile broadly afterwards.

Chaos Colours was found in early 2019 in order to cater for the local demand and also to create something new and exciting. We utilise the latest pigment technology from Europe, ranging from metallic effect, to glow in the dark to our ever popular U.V. reactive products. Our latest addition is a strawberry scented product. Gone are they days where colour runs used a standard range of colours.

Our products are also easier to clean up and are less likely to stain your clothes and skin.

No special disposal method is required, as our products do not contain heavy metals like some of the cheaper imported products.

All our products are manufactured locally and are packaged according to your specifications, be it 450gr PET jars or even 20kg boxes for those big events. And of course we are able to courier your orders per your request.

So when next you are stuck with the question on what to do for your children’s party or fundraiser, try adding a bit of our colours to your event.

Have your bread, cakes and sweet treats delivered to you

Master family bakers over a few generations now, the team at Black Forest Bakery offers freshly baked artisan bread every day. Their cakes and sweet treats are also not to be missed 😁💕

Kumon Modderfontein Centre opening in September

My name is Sue Fuller and I am embarking on a new journey of opening a Kumon centre.

The centre is based in heart of Modderfontein, at The Family Tree Therapy Centre, 40 High Street Founders Hill, the main street in Modderfontein, we are opposite the Okes coffee shop and opposite Pinnacle College Founders Hill.

For those who ask “What is Kumon”?   Kumon is a Japanese programme, the philosophy of Kumon is to provide students with materials and instruction that will allow students to study at “just the right level” for their academic ability.   It is NOT a school curriculum, we use 2 elements, Maths and English to develop students of all ages where we aim to nurture the potential of EVERY student growing them into independent thinkers that when faced with a challenge they do not give up but say “I can do this”, take on these challenges to the best of their ability and are confident in doing so, thus being satisfied with their results but still strive to go further.

Kumon is a life skill, a process of trial and error that develops students into self-learners with self-study skills to become achievers that will be taken with them into their futures.

We offer centre classes twice weekly as well as online – Zoom classes twice a week, daily homework will be required.

Our centre is equipped with a reading library offering books from the Kumon Recommended reading list, where students can relax on the comfy cushions and enjoy one of our books.  We have a dedicated area to our littlest students in the early learner section.

To see more about our centre log onto and type Modderfontein in search bar, where you can do on-line enquiries, or e-mail me at  alternatively call me on 0733147556.

Don’t throw out your broken appliances, fix them with Bergens

Haydn and his team will be happy to help you by fixing your broken appliances or providing spares. Give them a call now and save money.




Kumon Fourways free enrolment offer for August


The Fourways Kumon Study Centre is situated at the Kingfisher Shopping Centre in close proximity to a number of surrounding schools. The shopping centre boasts a wide variety of shops and has ample free parking so is convenient for parents while their children attend the Kumon centre.

Under the professional guidance of Instructor Sophia Kyprianides and 7 dedicated assistants, students are encouraged to enrol in both the Maths and the English programmes to ensure optimal results. Students who attend the centre range between the ages of 2 to adult and come to Kumon for various reasons. Some may be struggling with a specific aspect in either English or Maths and therefor require academic intervention, whilst others aim to build confidence and develop essential study skills. 

This quality study centre, provides a warm, caring environment in which young minds can flourish and fulfil their potential. The centre implements the Kumon method in all instructional procedures, thus effectively inspiring and nurturing children of all ages to development long- term life skills and optimise their inherent capabilities.

Under stringent Covid-19 protocols, we now offer a hybrid centre combining online sessions with physical centre days in order to accommodate everyone’s needs and preferences.

Kumon Fourways  | 083  877 8749 | |

Online Drama lessons with Helen O Grady Drama Academy

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has been developing children’s confidence for over 40 years and in over 30 countries. We’re not going to let Lockdown stop us! We are offering our full curriculum on the Facebook Group Learning Platform – easy to access videos for children aged 3-18 that can be watched in your own time during the week. Not only are these videos going to help nurture your child’s confidence and communication skills but they are great fun too.

For more information contact

Spoil yourself in your home with an aromatherapy massage

Life is quite challenging at the moment, so spoil yourself with a massage in your home done by Faieza

Kids learn through Lego with Young Engineers Johannesburg

Join Young Engineers Johannesburg for a fun filled Educational Experience in the safety of your home. Our online PlayMachines course is specially designed for children ages 6 years and up to improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills, provide children with an unforgettable learning experience in STEM. The course consists of 20 online lessons. You will also receive your own Young Engineers equipment, including motorised equipment, which is yours to own. For more information emails

Getting divorced? Avoid the trauma with mediation through MediationSmith

Why mediate when divorcing?

Mediation offers a cheaper, faster and more dynamic legal alternative than simply hiring a divorce lawyer. Mediation focuses on lessening conflict by allowing both spouses to actively work towards reaching a legally binding agreement that is acceptable to both spouses as well as the court.

Having a divorce lawyer to fight for your case is expensive and very time-consuming. A contested divorce typically requires anything from months to years for a resolution to be reached. Worst of all, most contested divorce cases usually settle out of court because one of the parties can no longer afford the legal battle and then has to concede to the demands of the other party. You also have no say over the ruling, should your case finally be heard in court. This often leads to bitter resentment, frustration, and feelings of helplessness if you are the one receiving the losing verdict.

Mediation on the other hand is much cheaper as disputes between parties are usually resolved within one meeting that lasts no longer than a few hours. These meetings are usually a face-to-face between the mediator (Zoom or Skype can also be used) and both spouses. During such a meeting, the mediator is an unbiased facilitator that provides both sides with the opportunity to voice their concerns and grievances. From there the focus is on calmly and rationally helping the parties negotiate a mutually acceptable divorce settlement that will be accepted at court. Courts also give preferential court dates to mediated divorces due to the time and effort that the mediation has saved the court. Mediating a divorce therefore not only saves time and money, but allows both soon-to-be exes to be heard and have an active say in how the marriage is to be dissolved.

What is your Family’s love language?

Knowing the love language of the members of your family helps you to understand the way they and you communicate. Once we know the basis of communication in our family, it is easier for us to build stronger relationships, to have empathy for each other, to set healthy boundaries and have a strong enduring family unit.

In our 10 week course, you will discover the love language of each family member, what this means, types of communication streams, building the family unit, understanding roles within the family and setting of healthy boundaries.

August and September special – disounted price R 1600.00 per family – full price is R 2000.00 per family

Contact Michelle on or 082 330 9887 for more information.

Previously loved books and clothes at Red and Worn

Pop in and browse to your heart’s content, while you at it, stop and have a cuppa with us as well.

Cookies are the bomb and Kids love baking them with you

I have discovered this account on Instagram that I just love as she posts the most delicious healthy recipes that you do not feel guilty about baking for your family:

These no bake cookies are a hit and quick to make for those lazy weekend treats:


Make these fun Totes with the kids

Grab some fruit, buy some plain cloth totes and stamp them – Suselle will show you how



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