Bean Bags For Little People

Bean Bags For Little People

February 19, 2019 FEBRUARY 2019 0

Little people’s minds are like sponges, they absorb and learn new skills in daily activities. Here are some ideas on how a simple little colourful bean bag can assist your child in developing basic skills like catch, throw, balance, coordination and
colour recognition and have fun at the same time.


Have your child balance a bean bag on the head while walking along a length of rope,
or along a line marked out on the ground. To increase the challenge walking around
obstacles with a bean bag on the head or bending down to touch an obstacle
with the bag on the head.


This bean bag activity develops hand-eye coordination. Show your child how to toss
a bean bag gently into the air and then catch again.

Increase the challenge by introducing a hand-clap between tossing and catching.
(ie toss, clap, catch), or a one-handed catch for older kids.

Two children can also practice tossing the bean bag to each other.
Start off standing close together as shown and then increase the distance between the children as their catching skills improve.

Bean Bag Relay

Relays are great bean bag games for toddlers and pre-schoolers!
You need a few kids for this – get them to stand in a line, one behind the other.
Put a pile of beanbags in the front, and an empty bucket at the back.
The child in front grabs a bean bag and passes it overhead to the child behind and so on, until the last child pops it in the bucket, and then runs to the front to repeat the bean bag relay.
Your child will be using hand-eye coordination to accurately receive and pass the bean bag without dropping it, and bilateral coordination by using both hands together to receive and pass the bean bag.

R40 per set of 4

I also make bean bags which are warmed in the microwave for pain relief.
These are very effective and can also be used in the winter months for warmth.

Contact me for price and details at
Celia on 081 716 0663 or

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